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Matt Wilmoth

Matthew Wilmoth

I have worked in the video production field nearly all my life, getting my first start in high school working on the school’s morning news broadcast. Later, in college I majored in Communications / Arts then moved to Knoxville, TN in my early 20’s. I love East Tennessee; the people are friendly and the landscapes are gorgeous.

For those who are not aware, Knoxville was an awesome choice to expand my television career. In fact, Knoxville is among the top cities in the country for producing Network Television Series, which helped open the door to some pretty fantastic opportunities. Over the course of my career, I have experience as a Videographer, Post-Producer, Video Editor and Post-Production Manager. During that time, I have been blessed to work on several amazing projects with super talented professionals at various production companies within the television community. 


Most recently, my wife and I created Almighty Wings Productions to shift our focus to creating positive Christian content. We want to use the talents that GOD gave us to work on projects that we can be proud of, projects that we can share with our child later in life. We believe, with GOD’s blessing we can help change the culture of today’s entertainment. 

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Silver Telly for “HGTV HOME Makeover” - Scripps Networks Interactive

Silver Telly for “HGTV White House Christmas 2012” - Scripps Networks Interactive

Bronze Telly for “Freeform Furniture” - RIVR Media

Bronze & Silver Telly for “Grounds For Improvements” - RIVR Media

Bronze Telly for “Ed The Plumber” - RIVR Media

Gold Aurora for “Grounds For Improvements” - RIVR Media

Aurora “Platinum Best of Show” for “Robot Rivals” - RIVR Media

Bronze Telly for “Robot Rivals” - RIVR Media

Bronze Telly for “To the Rescue” - RIVR Media

Bronze ADDY for “ Attack on America” - WVLT Volunteer TV

Bronze ADDY for “ Fugitive Files” - WVLT Volunteer TV

Bronze ADDY for “ Cold Weather Image” - WVLT Volunteer TV

”Sigmon Communications Award for Excellence” - Lincoln Memorial University


“Matt is one of the most hard working dynamic, brilliant individuals I have worked with in post-production and editing. What is amazing is not only his technical skills, his detail oriented, methodical way of handling any problem-- but his attitude. Matt is a great high touch manager as well as an expert in his field because he checks his ego at the door every morning. He also is a great listener, willing to discover the solution to a problem after careful examination with colleagues. I have worked through some very thorny challenges with Matt at all hours of the day and night. Not once did he ever lose his cool, his sense of humor or his acuity. He is one of those people who literally can do anything he sets his mind too. And by the way, he is also kind, considerate and really really witty.”

-Daniel A. Schwartz

Content Creator, Development Executive, VP of Production, Creative Leader

“Matt is the "real deal" - a full package producer/editor: an exceptional editor who understands the look, pace & style of today's television shows; a creative and talented graphic designer; and an organized and detailed post production manager who not only keeps everything on track but adds greatly to the quality of the final product - from script ideas to creative video solutions to format advice. As a series producer I relied on and greatly appreciated his knowledge, enthusiasm and help. I worked with Matt as both an editor and the Dir. of Post Production at RIVR Media.”


-Melissa Cross

Director of Development at Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity



“Matt has a variety of skills, but most importantly he is a great leader. He has a knack for problem solving, excels in his ability to manage people, and is a rock solid video editor.”


-Jesse Dowd

Audio / Music Supervisor at Jupiter Entertainment



“Having worked with dozens of people during my 10 years at WVLT, Matt stands out as one of those rare workers who could do just about anything. He never missed a deadline or an opportunity to take his work as an editor to the next level. His creative talents helped make my job as a news producer much easier and more enjoyable. Matt has proven himself as a leader in a field that is often much more about following than leading. Given whatever tools available Matt will use them to help any company or client grow.”


-Clayton Hensley

Communications Director at Maryville First United Methodist Church

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